The market for singles is growing fast. Several reports from the recent years (including Bloomberg’s report) have shown that about 50% of American adults are alone. The situation in Europe is similar. Being single is the norm, and many people are living, shopping, partying and traveling alone. That’s why we can see more and more businesses choosing singles as their target group, including travel agencies. To make their offers more accurate and individualized, many agents take age under consideration and organize vacations for singles over 30. That’s precisely the type of solo holiday we’ll tell you about today.

Single and over 30? This is the perfect option for you!

Why vacations for singles over 30 are worth considering

Most of all, it can be a great adventure. Whether you’re more of a lazy vacationer, a foodie, a party animal or an art-lover, you can find suitable holidays. The themes are diverse and numerous. It means you can use your free time to do what you like the most with people who share your interests around you. They pick the same holidays, so they must have something in common with you. Moreover, those people are also single and your age. Such trips are a fantastic chance to make new friends and even meet potential partners. Traveling together is a real sharing experience. You do things together. There’s time for talking, exploring and having fun with new people, which is sometimes hard to find in a daily life of a busy person.

Besides, planned vacations for singles are merely convenient. The operator takes care of all the arrangements. You don’t have to worry about bookings and other practical issues. You also don’t have to be afraid of ending up alone at some point of the trip. When traveling with a group, you’ll have people around you, so making contacts is easy.

When this group exists of singles in the same age, dating and flirting are easier as well. No need to wonder if this amazing person who caught your attention is in a committed relationship. If you are in the dating game, this can be an excellent way to have adventure and romance at the same time. You’re in the same situation as the people around you. Everyone is looking to connect with someone new. The potential is endless.

Vacationing alone vs. vacationing with friends

Another advantage of such travels is the opportunity to rediscover yourself. You can find a new passion, do something you’ve never done before, gain new skills and interests. Leaving your environment gives you a chance to observe yourself in a whole new context. You can do what you want without being judged by old friends or family members. It’s especially important if you want to meet a significant other. It’s much easier to be flirty and social without the people you always know present around you.


Tours focus on a particular theme or destination. There are holidays for history enthusiasts, gay or lesbian travelers, nature-lovers, movie fans, painters and aspiring cooks. Vacations include cruises, cooking, tropical solo trips to New Zealand, adventurous tours for singles or self-guided walking holidays for Malta. Itineraries might include a variety of activities, from cycling, hiking, dancing and rafting to sight-seeing, dining, and wine tasting.

Contiki, for instance, organizes lots of different vacations for singles over 30. It is a reputable tour operator that knows what single people need during their holiday. The site is experienced in holidays for people from 18 to 35 years, and they offer a lot of solo vacations. Although there are hundreds of holidays to choose from, they offer only one mindset: to travel with no regrets.

Yoga retreats

One particular singles vacation that is rising in popularity – and for a good reason! – are yoga retreats. These are especially good for over 30s, when the days of crazy party weekends, or sleeping rough in noisy hostels might be behind you. Even if they aren’t – yoga breaks can be a great way to balance out the scales. The accommodation, food and general atmosphere of singles yoga holidays are relaxed. The setting is comfortable, and you get the peace and quiet to practice yoga techniques correctly.

Bookyogaretreats is a fantastic website on which to find your perfect singles yoga vacation. Not only can you choose from destinations all over the world, but specific categories divide all holidays into groups for you. If you know what you want and just need to narrow the search, this is the perfect way to do so. One especially great aspect of this categorisation is that beginners to yoga can find beginner classes easily. Experienced yoga practisers can be intimidating to new starters. But this website caters for all levels. There are no expectations, no assumptions – no pressure! Simply find the one that suits you best.

These vacations are a rare opportunity to get back to yourself. It is the perfect activity for somebody traveling alone. You do not have to feel guilty or selfish for spending time alone. Instead, it is encouraged – and the rewards are endless.

Health Kick Vacations

Some might find this to be a conflicting concept. Healthy living and holidays. For some, this is exactly what is needed – a detox. A busy, messy and unhealthy everyday life can become too much, and all you need is sun, healthy food and a lifestyle reboot. Thankfully, this is exactly what offers.

There are many different holidays to choose, from four-day meditation retreats in India to month long super detoxes in Bali. The best thing? They all cater to single people and all cater to over 30s. While some offer a quick break and chance to recharge, others offer a whole new attitude towards food, exercise, and life. Have you ever come back from holiday feeling lazier and more unhealthier than when you left? This is not the case for health kick vacations. Instead, feel refreshed, energized and ready to embrace life from a new perspective.

Cooking Holidays

How best to embrace a culture than to embrace its cuisine? Food is at the heart of a country, its traditions and way of life. Websites like allow you to combine a cultural experience with culinary learning. You will soon discover there is no greater way to travel.

Some holidays combine language and cooking courses, allowing travelers a rounded experience of a new culture. And, as all these vacations focus on singles over 30s, there is also no greater way to meet people. Cooking is intrinsically interactive and social. It relies upon communication, support and most importantly, fun. The light and enjoyable atmosphere create a great energy in the group. You will be able to share stories over meals and get to know the people around you through experience.


For the more adventurous traveler, such activities as yoga and cooking might not be enough to fill a craving for adventure. For those people, there are safaris. Safaris are full of wonder and exploration. They take people far away from their comfort zone and into the wild.

Bookallsafaris is a great website offering the best safari experiences. Ardent enthusiasts can dive into month-long conservation trips. Others can enjoy a shorter experience, and incorporate safari into a larger travel plan. Either way, it is destined to be an unforgettable adventure. It is also one that is energetically shared with the people around you. The wonderful sights are a great discussion topic with new people. And, with holidays catered at singles over 30, there are many new and like minded people to meet.

Looking for something else?

Trafalgar prides itself on offering the insider perspective of every cultural experience. The website focuses on finding, not only the right choice for you but a choice that will provide richer and deeper travel. They use their personal expertise and knowledge to guide you through a new culture in the best way possible. Look on their website for trips orientated around solo travelers. Read about how much their guests love what is on offer. Choose from global destinations. Decide upon the most enjoyable experience for you. And book a trip now to begin your next adventure.

G Adventures is another website full of possibilities. In addition to offering great deals, the site will inspire you. It encourages travelers to dream of their perfect trip. And then to find it on their website. Indeed, they offer a multitude of options, from boating down the Amazon to traveling the west coast of America to exploring the backroads of Japan. And be sure to check out their last minute deals for something spontaneous!

What do you think of it? Have we waked your interest in vacations for singles over 30? What kind of solo trips appeals to you the most? We’d love to hear about it! And a small reminder: don’t forget to share this article with your single friends!


  1. I like the concept of bookdetxretretreats, it is a very wise concept since the promotion of healthy eating is on the rise, It’s a way to accomplish two things at the same time,i.e have a go at detox while having a vacation.

    • Thanks for your kind words. Yes, detoxing and holidays are a healthy combination. Let us know if you book a tour and share your experiences.

  2. I love solo travelling – I’m actually solo travelling at the moment! I decided to head to Jamaica and I’m staying on an organic farm and helping out with a few little jobs in the morning. It’s great! I’ve met a few other volunteers here as well, as well as loads of locals. Travelling alone is a great way to meet other people and most of all I love the independence of it. I hate it when people say to me that can’t travel or do something because they are by themselves – it’s just an excuse! You can do anything, and a lot of the time you’ll find it really empowering and a boost to your self esteem.


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