The islands of Greece are known to be stunning and visited by many tourists throughout the year. Usually, for people coming from abroad, the islands provide a reasonably priced vacation, yet natural features and excitement that you’ve definitely been missing so far. Santorini, Mykonos, Corfu, Rhodes, Naxos, Skiathos, Lefkada – these are all just a part of the most visited islands in Greece regarding tourism. And they sure are gorgeous as heaven. However, if you want to skip the crowd and have a lovely vacation exploring the beauties of a Greek Island, then we have something else to suggest you, Thassos.

Organize a trip to Thassos – Greece

Somewhere in the crystal waters of the Aegean Sea, south of the coast of Greece, there’s this beautiful island waiting for you to be explored. Since it is the 12th largest island in Greece, it may not be number one choice for some tourists, but that doesn’t make it less attractive nor worth visiting. However, once you visit it, you may find it to be a little wild because of its lush forests and lack of buildings. Well, actually this is what keeps the authenticity of the island, inspiring you to explore the wondrous surroundings and immerse yourself in jaw-dropping natural sights. Apart from the rich forests, the island is famous for its olive oil – the pleasant smell that will guide you through your journey, the sweet honey and the significant amount of marble which is frequently being extracted. Getting to the island is easy, as you can catch a ferry from the nearest town located on the mainland, this being Keramoti. The boat ride lasts for about 20 minutes and then you’re ready to discover the beauty of Thassos city since this will be the first destination you’ll encounter due to your arrival. From then on, the signs will guide you to your required destination, while the road will enchant you with its scenic drives and picturesque blue sea peaking among the long-branched trees.


Best beaches in Thassos

Let’s leave all else behind and focus on the most important thing you’ve probably traveled to Thassos for – the long sandy beaches. Oh yes, the island luckily has a lot of these, scattered throughout the coast of the island. No matter where you plan on staying, it’s enough to know that there is always a decent and lovely beach nearby. However, would you stay still to know that there is a heavenly good beach just a few kilometers away from you? This island was made to be explored and even if it takes a few acquaintances with goats and several more curves down the road, you will never imagine the beauty you can encounter just around the corner. If you want to explore the crystal blue sea touching the golden, soft sand, and you want to enjoy the view completely, then you have to plan a trip to Thassos best beaches. No matter if they’re long and full, or small and hidden, every single one of the beaches like Golden Beach, Paradise Beach, Alyki, Psiliamos, and Makryammos is definitely worth the visit. Along your way to these beaches, you may even encounter some smaller and more private and wild beaches, which we definitely encourage you to visit.

Best beaches in Thassos

Spend a day at Marble Beach

Apart from the fascinating beaches that may share some similarities, there’s this natural attraction that is found on the bucket list of every person spending its holiday on Thassos. The road to this place may confuse you since it’s not the most developed thing on the island regarding infrastructure and your car may be covered by dust, but once you arrive at this white heaven, there’s nothing you will want more. The tiny pieces of white sand and pebbles, the magnificent shades of blue found in the sea and the relaxed atmosphere will completely overwhelm you. The significant amount of marble found in this area is part of what makes this beach so special – after all, it really seems that Heaven is a place on Earth. And once you get tired of swimming in the magically blue sea, there’s a great beach bar designed and decorated for the ultimate pleasure. The furniture is actually made out of marble – this will probably be the most authentic bar you’ll encounter on the whole island.

thassos marble beach

Giola – natural attraction

Located in the southern part of the island, somewhere close to the village of Astrida, there’s a spectacular natural attraction you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere easily. Giola is the name of the natural feature everyone’s eager to meet while on Thassos and it’s a natural pool formed in the rocks that are found next to the wavy sea. This incredible sight is worth the visit, despite the badly organized road which requires to leave your vehicle and cross the forest on foot. However, once you get to Giola, you’ll be completely amazed and quickly forget about the difficulties associated with the route. For the adrenaline seekers, there’s an opportunity to jump inside this natural pool and the height of your jump may take up to 8 meters, so prepare your swimming suits and your cameras. Since this is quite a popular attraction of Thassos, the place may be a bit crowded so make sure to go there as early as possible so that you can hopefully enjoy it on your own.

thassos giola

Accommodation: Go camping

Accommodation is provided whether you turn to a certain travel agency or find a room on your own – there are plenty of places where you can spend the night. However, if you’re into spending a more exciting holiday then we suggest you to go camping at some of the excellently organized camps scattered around the island. And they’re quite cheap! Pitsas, Pefkari, Prinou, Golden Beach, and Dedalos – all these camping facilities are located right to the beach and provide excellent services. So choose the one that’s found in the part of the island you’re interested visiting and leave everything else up to your arrival.

Hiking on Mount Ipsarion

Even though you’d have difficulties leaving the warmth of the sea, have in mind that Thassos is not just a place with stunning beaches. Having such incredible natural features, Mount Ipsarion challenges you to take its fascinating trails and enjoy the nature of the island from up above. This is the highest mountain on Thassos, and it offers some scenic views from up above. So if you have some extra energy, and you’re eager to worship the picturesque sights from above the sea, then put on your hiking shoes and start exploring.

Would you add up something that you believe will make your vacation on Thassos even more amusing? Tell us all about it – we’re open to new ideas.


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