The clock is ticking, and your schedule reminds you that it’s time for a road trip. What do you do? You open the map of the world and without looking you put your finger down and decide on visiting the destination on which your finger has randomly landed. Oh, how we wish we could be that spontaneous. However, due to the lack of time all we’re left off is to search the web for unusual places. Or grasp as much as possible of the adventures our friends have already experienced. Therefore, for today’s getaway, we chose a lovely natural park in one of the most exciting countries in Europe: Spain. It is called the Sierra and Canyons de Guara Natural Park and is a great spot for the adventurous traveler.

Find the Sierra and Canyons de Guara Natural Park

Somewhere in the autonomous community of Aragon, in the province of Huesca in Spain, there’s this incredible place where nature never seizes to amaze its visitors. Of course, it’s not the most visited corner of this magnificent country. But it’s perfect for a getaway from the crowded city and an adventurous road trip. Sierra de Guara is actually the name of a mountain massif, whose highest peak is Tozal de Guara. Much of the massif belongs to the incredible natural park that lays in northern Spain. You can find this reserve somewhere between the Ebro River and the Pyrenees. That’s why it would be strange to you not to expect some mind-blowing landscapes in this region. All in all, Sierra and Canyons de Guara Natural Park is known to be the largest protected area in the region of Aragon.

Greatest canyoning experience

The variety of natural features this reserve offers is ideal for various types of outdoor sports. However, there’s one thing this place is really known for, and it’s connected to the adrenaline-providing sport of canyoning. To be more precise, this sport was first introduced in Spain right in this reserve. For those not acquainted with one of the best ways to have some outdoor fun, canyoning is an activity helping you explore the canyons by incorporating different actions like rafting, waterfall jumping, and rappelling. This reserve is full of gorgeous canyons, caves, gorges and limestone creations. Therefore would canyoning be the perfect way to explore the surrounding and get a taste of a sweet adventure.

Feeling scared because you haven’t done it before? Well, there’s nothing to worry about. There are plenty of enthusiastic individuals and organized tourist guides eager to help you. They will learn you how to practice this enjoyable activity. It does not matter how old you are or if you’re a beginner or an expert. You just have to be ready for an adrenaline rush caused by a day spent canyoning. Trust us – it’s pure fun!

Take a long tour of the following canyons: Gorgas Negras, El Vero, El Mascun, El Balced, La Peonera and many others. You’ll be thrilled!

Hike the Sierra de Guara Mountains

If you’re up for some amazing landscapes, then you should totally try out hiking the Sierra de Guara Mountains. Prepare proper equipment because you’re about to come across some various amusing rock formations and stunning relief. This was created by the wind erosions and the rivers flowing through. The flawless beauty of this reserve is a combination of the deep canyons and impressive gorges. With some of them inhabited by some spectacular flora and fauna. The mysterious caves spread across this natural park are made for the ultimate adventurous spirit of the visitors, inviting them to explore the life inside. Several rivers are cutting through the massif and most of them end up flowing into the Ebro. Some of the most popular ones are Rio Guatizalema, Rio Isuala, Rio Alcanadre and Rio Vero, every single one of them distinctive and attractive.

Wild swimming in Bierge Waterfall

After a long day of hiking and exploring, you’re going to look for a place to rest your head and relax under a deep shadow. Well, the place we’re about to reveal you might just be better than paradise. Have you heard about the Bierge Waterfall? Locally known as Salto de Bierge, this magnificent semicircular waterfall might just take your breath away. Now whether that may be with its majestic sight or the 10 meters jump from the upper part to the pool below – you’ll figure that one out.

But even if you’re not very adventurous, you can always dip in the waters of the natural pools and enjoy some time swimming and refreshing. For an even better view of the surrounding, jump into the upper part of the waterfall and experience a natural infinity pool – you’ll be amazed! Nevertheless, this beautiful area is also perfect for a bit of canyoning. It’s a place where you can thoroughly enjoy one of the best wild swims in Spain.

Prepare well for an adventure

It’s nice when a person is enthusiastic about a new destination. But just planning on how to get to this place of Spain is certainly not enough. If you’re looking forward to spending a few days within the borders of this natural park, then you better get your facts straight. First of all, think about accommodation. If you’re going to be completely adventurous and spend the nights camping, then you should better bring some necessary camping equipment. Same goes for the activities you’ll wish to practice around the park.

If you’re not accompanied by a local, then it’s for the best to head down to one of the three visitor centers of the reserve. These can be found in some of the following villages: Arguis, Santa Cilia de Panzano and Bierge. There you will be able to get all information about the routes and the trails of the park. Besides that, you will also find information about the conditions and the activities you can do. Depending on which program you chose and which activities you prefer, you’ll be given adequate information and equipment which will guide you through your never-ending adventure.

So, do you think you’ve got what it takes to conquer the territory of Sierra and Canyons de Guara Natural Park? Are you prepared to try out canyoning in the most original location for this sport?


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