San Diego is one of the most popular cities in California. With fantastic and fresh seafood, strolls along the beach, listening to the waves crash onto the shore and seeing some of the best sunsets in the U.S., it’s hard not to find a romantic place in this city. High-end resorts are scattered throughout the area, complete with high-end spas, award-winning cuisine and four and five-star amenities. Wineries are not far off, as well as Sea World, the famous San Diego Zoo and many other attractions in the area that are perfect for couples. What would you like to do? The possibilities are endless here on the west coast of sunny California.

La Jolla Cove, San Diego

LA Jolla Cove is a beautiful and natural cove, found on the beach. It is surrounded by cliffs and is also part of a protected marine reserve. LA Jolla Cove is also a great place to snorkel and swim, as plant life and marine life is abundant. Stroll along the sandy beach of the cove during sunrise or sunset for a romantic and quiet setting. Stand or sit from the top of the cliffs for unparalleled views and enjoy each other’s company as you listen to the water below you.

La Jolla Cove San Diego

Cabrillo National Monument

Cabrillo is found on the southernmost tip of the Point Loma Peninsula in San Diego. The views from the end of the peninsula are unrivaled and probably the best in the city. On one side of the thin piece of land lies the Pacific Ocean, stretching to the horizon. The other end of the strip of land has gorgeous views of the entire city, complete with skyline and the harbor where you can see sailboats and other types of vessels. It is designated as a National Park, and you can learn and discover a few neat things while you gaze out on the best views with your partner.

Cabrillo National Monument

Balboa Park

Balboa has all sorts of things to do and see and is a great place to see and do a bit of everything. Discover the museums and take time to see the displays or one of the dozens of attractions that you two can spend the day together seeing. Ride the carousel, see the Sefton Plaza, spend a day at the famous zoo nearby and visit the Spanish Village Art Center. The “Prado” area of the park is breathtaking, and many newlyweds choose to have their wedding portraits taken here. The hidden garden areas and detailed architecture of the buildings in the late afternoon with the sun shining on them look like a piece of heaven. The perfect romantic atmosphere you need after a day of visiting all the things to see in the park area.

Balboa Park

Bahia Belle

The Bahia Belle is a lovely boat cruise that you and your partner can take on the glimmering waters of the Mission Bay. Hop aboard the Mississippi-style sternwheeler boat for a romantic journey around the bay. The night cruises have live entertainment and D.J.s complete with drinks and a good time. Entertainment usually starts at 7:00 p.m. and cocktail hours are to 1:30 a.m. Have a blast listening to music or take an earlier tour for some peace and for that romantic atmosphere.

Bahia Belle

Carriage Rides in Downtown

Do you want to make your girl feel like a princess? Schedule a carriage ride throughout the streets of the city to see the sights. There are several transport companies to choose from, and some are stunning white, like something out of a fairytale. Have a romantic dinner at one of the many fabulous restaurants nearby, or simply snuggle up together while you enjoy the views and each other.

Bertrand at Mister A’s

Bertrand at Mister A’s is a fabulous restaurant just minutes from the downtown area. Not only is this a great place to eat, but the views are impressive! Leave your beach attire at home, as it will not be allowed inside the classy restaurant. Enjoy cuisine from a restaurant that was voted Diners Choice for 2016 while you and your partner gaze out of the wall of windows at views of the harbor, the skyline and city lights, Coronado, Point Loma, Balboa Park and even the zoo. You can see it all from here for a thoroughly enjoyable experience for two.

Hotel Del Coronado

Possibly the most famous hotel in the city is the Hotel Del Coronado. With a stark white Victorian architecture exterior and a beautiful red roof, the resort offers excellent beachside accommodations and service, perfect for a couple’s getaway. It is consistently ranked as one the best hotels in the U.S., so your time spent here will be simply amazing. Have a drink at one of the ocean view bars or schedule dinner at one of the restaurants overlooking the beach and ocean. This is Southern California’s only beachside resort, and it is a perfect setting for a romantic weekend or vacation.

Hotel Del Coronado

The Sunset Cliffs

In the Point Loma community of the city, there is a street called Sunset Cliffs Blvd. Look for this road, and you will find the beautiful and natural sunset cliffs. The neighborhood is all residential, but the cliffs and areas have walking paths for romantic walks along the cliff line overlooking the ocean. Some of the trails neither are nor fully developed so use caution when walking. Feel and hear the waves crash against the cliff walls as you stroll along. There are a few places to park along the way so you can explore the lovely area. The cliffs are named appropriately as the sunsets from here are some of the best. Bring your camera and enjoy time together on the beautiful sunset cliffs.

sunset cliffs san diego

Drive-In Movie

Although many of the drive-in movie screens no longer exist, San Diego has two. What is more romantic than a drive-in movie with your girl? The South Bay cinema is the perfect place to park and snuggle while watching one of the newest hit movies that are out. It has the best and brightest picture quality of any drive-in screen and is open seven days a week. Try a blast from the past and experience a great drive-in movie night under the stars.

Romance on the Beach

The most famous city in southern California has a lot to offer for couples. There are fantastic and romantic places to dine and drink, fun attractions to see, magical sunsets from cliffs and of course, the sand between your toes and you stroll arm in arm down the west coast of the U.S. Enjoy your time with each other in this romantic and fun city.


  1. I love San Diego. It is home to me. I love the sights. For it, the city’s theme song rings true. “I is the best home town I know!”


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