Have you got tired of thinking what to wear every day? Don’t you just want to spend the day without any clothes on and don’t care if the people around you think that’s appropriate or not? Well, what if I tell you that there are many places in Canada where you can praise your nudity and people around you don’t judge you. In fact, they respect and support your desire to practice nudity. I know what you’re probably thinking – Nude Beaches. And you’re right! Nude beaches are the popular public places that appreciate people’s desire to stay naked as the day they were born. But there are also many parks and facilities supporting this never-dying trend.

Since this is a controversial topic, you can assume that not a lot of countries in the world support such facilities or public places where it is ok to be nude. However, thanks to people becoming more confident and democratic, there are locations in the world where you can be as naked as you want to, especially in many countries in North America. But for now, let’s stick only to the nudity supporting places in Canada. Eager to find out which places I’m talking? Then check out the following:

Canada is the world’s second-largest country by total area, which means that the chances to find a clothing-optional beach or park are big. The history of this country accepting nudity is quite long and also quite impressive. There has even been a nude protest organized by the radical religious sect of the Freedomites in the 1900s, at the streets of Saskatchewan. So, for Canadians, public nudity is not a shock.

Places in Canada for naturists

Beaches, resorts, parks, there are many places in Canada open for people that feel like throwing their clothes away for a while and enjoying freedom. Sunbathing completely from head to toes? Yes, you can do that on the many nude beaches in Canada. Additionally, many of the nude beaches here are somehow isolated and uninhabited, which means that nobody will bother you and point fingers at you just because you’re naked. So, if you feel like you need a break from life and want to explain your thoughts, you can do that in Canada. Take a look at the following places:

Beaches in British Columbia

  • Wreck Beach which is a part of the Pacific Spirit Regional Park
  • Nipple Point in Salmon Arm
  • Little Tribune Bay on Hornby Island
  • Mission Flats Beach in Kamloops
  • Crescent Rock Beach in Surrey
  • Red Sands Beach in Nelson
  • Prior Lake on Vancouver Island
  • Nudy Dock at Lost Lake in Whistler
  • Three Mile Beach in Penticton

Other than the numerous beaches in British Columbia that are clothing-optional, there is also a family-friendly nudist club in the beautiful Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island.

Unofficial nude beach sections in Manitoba

  • Patricia Beach at Lake Winnipeg
  • Beaconia Beach at Lake Winnipeg

Apart from the beach sections, there is also the Naturist Legacy Park. This park is a family friendly facility, where you can engage in different activities. You can also relax and socialize while enjoying the beauty of not wearing any clothes.

Places in Ontario

  • Hanlan’s Point Beach on the Toronto Islands
  • The Ponderosa Nature Resort, which has hosted NUDEstock North, Canada’s first nude music festival
  • Sandbanks Provincial Park (just an unofficial section)
  • A private beach in Port Burwell
  • Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch near Tamworth
  • Beechgrove Beach in Toronto
  • Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park
  • The Grand Barn in eastern Ontario
  • Nudity is permitted in the city of Toronto during some specific events, such as the World Pride Parade & the World Naked Bike Ride.

Interesting fact about Ontario is that in all its areas, except for those that are specified by town or city by-laws, people are allowed to be topless in public.

Parks in Quebec

  • Oka National Park – known locally as Okapulco
  • An unofficial nude beach at Meech Lake in Gatineau Park

Other places in Canada

  • Paradise Beach (Bareass Beach), located just outside Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • Crystal Crescent Beach Provincial Park, near Sambro, Nova Scotia
  • Blooming Point Beach in Prince Edward Island National Park along the northern shore of Prince Edward Island

Why naked recreation

As you can see, there are many places in Canada where you can choose to wear or not wear any clothes. But, what might bother you a bit is the simple question: Why? Why do people feel the need to be naked in public? Why do they want to expose themselves to shame? Here are some of the reasons explaining this issue:

  1. Naturists, as they like to be called, are usually open-minded people that are honest, tolerant and also accepting. They tend to be friendly and ready for social interaction. So don’t get scared if people are approaching you for conversations at a nude beach. They don’t discriminate and thereby live with the motto that we’re all the same, no matter how different we may look.
  2. If you attend a clothing-optional place and decide to take your clothes off, you will instantly start liking your body and accepting yourself with all the flaws you might have.
  3. Different parts of your body get to enjoy a little bit of Vitamin D because they haven’t been exposed to the sun so much. However, remember to cover your easy-burning areas with some sun-cream because you won’t be comfortable with the consequences afterward.
  4. You don’t have to worry what to wear, what kind of jewelry to put on and other problems connected to clothing.
  5. Skinny dipping will make you feel terrific. Just think about all the times you’ve gone skinny dipping in your teen years. You’ve had a perfect time, right?
  6. You don’t have to worry if your breasts have gone out of your swimsuit or similar because everything is already out there. And no, this doesn’t mean that nude beaches are highly sexual. On the contrary, sexual activities are not allowed in public so don’t think that getting naked at a naturist beach calls out immediately for this type of activities.
  7. If you’re sunbathing naked, you’ll have no tan lines. Isn’t that great?
  8. If you haven’t been to a clothing-optional beach or park, then do it someday because it is an experience you’ll never be able to forget.


Now, I know what you might be thinking: Are you crazy? I’ll never be able to go out naked in public! Well, you have to remember that you’ve eventually been born that way. And besides that, you have to become comfortable living in your skin. I’m not telling you to throw your clothes off immediately. But it would be interesting to have such an experience of visiting a naturist beach or park, even if it’s once in a lifetime.


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