If it weren’t for the movies and documentaries, we would probably have not been inspired that much to travel the world and visit specific places on this planet. It is the creative industry that inspires the traveler in us to see the world from a different perspective and enjoy our time completely.

Now, if you ever plan on going to the capital of a particular country, there is probably a huge list of attractions you will be interested in seeing. Well, the city of Vienna is no exception. The capital of Austria is a magnificent European city, and it hosts a lot of tourists from all over the world. People are just mad about visiting Vienna, or as they describe it as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Its mix of authentic architecture and modern lifestyle will put you on a rollercoaster of impressions and will make you want to go back there again.

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6 movies you should watch before traveling to Vienna

There is no doubt that if you are going to Vienna, you are going to check the most famous attractions there. Or even if you are not that type of person that plans these things, you are probably going to take a tour of the city and see the most significant sights. However, the movies you are surrounded by can give you an insight of some of the places you are willing to visit. Even more, because of a particular scene of your favorite movie you might fall in love with a place that is not even a popular attraction in the city. This is the way movies tend to connect us with places that we have never seen and taken us on a journey to places we have never been. That is why, if you are going to Vienna anytime soon, we suggest you see at least some of these movies which filming is based in this beautiful city.

  1. Before Sunrise (1995)

Before sunrise is a fascinating love story, a sudden turn of events in which a guy and a girl meet on the train and decide to spontaneously get off in Vienna and spend the day and the night getting to know each other and the city. The scenes are mainly taking place outside, on the streets, so whenever you watch this movie, you have the impression that you are walking on the streets of Vienna. And if you are a hopeless romantic, you will fall in love with this movie and with the city that whenever you visit it, you will feel like you’ve already been there. Every corner reminding you of the film will warm your heart and who knows – maybe you will find the love of your life exactly there. Life can be amazing, and that’s what this movie is all about.

Filming locations: Wiener Riesenrad, Café Sperl, Kleines Café, Friedhof der Namenlosen, Maria am Gestade, Zollamtssteg Bridge, Maria Theresien Platz etc.

Wiener Riesenrad

  1. Woman in Gold (2015)

Sophisticated and touching, this movie is all about the rights of a woman that happens to be a Jewish refugee and her wish to stand up for what she believes belongs to her family. In this very case, she goes against the Austrian government to win over an artwork that is placed in Vienna. For the Austrians this work of art is, as they happen to say, the Austrian Mona Lisa, so the road to justice is quite difficult. Nevertheless, part of this movie is filmed on spectacular locations in Vienna, showing the majestic beauty of the city and the strong sense of art that they possess as a nation. The film takes you to the most beautiful museums, galleries, and palaces, so all that is left for you is to sit back and enjoy.

Filming locations: St. Ulrich, Rooseveltplatz, Judenplatz, Rathaus, Semperdepot, the Academy of Fine Arts, Kaiserwiese, Hotel Sacher, Konzerthaus, Sate Opera House, Palais Auersberg and Belvedere.


  1. Museum Hours (2012)

This marvelous drama can teach you plenty of stuff and take you to many places you’ve never been before. Even though the main scenes take place in Kunsthistorisches Museum, an art museum in Vienna, this movie still lets you explore the beauties of the city. If you are willing to get in touch with the art and architecture of Austria’s capital, then this is the right movie for you.

Filming locations: Kunsthistorisches Museum, near Danube River, etc.

Kunsthistorisches Museum

  1. A Dangerous Method (2011)

Apart from the movie being filmed in Vienna, this film might have an enormous impact on you since it is about the birth of psychoanalysis. It also goes back in time to explore the collaboration between Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud. An exciting movie such as this one can help you discover Vienna and find your favorite place in the city. Even though the locations are edited for the film to take you back at the beginning of the 20th century, the exact filming locations can still be found in Vienna since the movie was filmed in 2011. In any case, if you are a fan of the work of these two great men, then you will have a wonderful time in Vienna, discovering the city which has been a part of their successful work.

Filming locations: Schloss Belvedere, Sigmund Freud Museum (which used to be Freud’s actual house), Café Sperl, the streets of Vienna, etc.

Schloss Belvedere

  1. The Third Man (1949)

If you are a fan of old classics, then this is the movie for you. Although many things have changed from the year of the filming of this movie up until today, you can still feel the enchanting and romantic spirit of Wien. However, you should watch this video to experience the city from a different perspective, to feel the improvement throughout the years and to learn something more about the history of the city. For example what most people found impressive about this movie is the representation of the burnt-out features after the bombings in the Second World War. Even though the city looks way better today and more joyful, it is still interesting to have a look at this movie and try to find the locations that have been used for filming at that time. The comparison may seem somewhat incredible.

Filming locations: 8 Schreyvogelgasse, Zentralfriedhof, Neuer Markt, Riesenrad, Hotel Sacher, Morzinplatz, Palais Pallavicini, Reichsbrücke etc.


  1. The Marriage Circle (1924)

Are you a fan of silent movies? And you’re planning on visiting Vienna? Then this is a great movie you should find time to watch. This movie is a comedy in which a couple faces various misunderstandings concerning their love life. You may wonder why this film is on the list, but the thing is that you should not only get informed about the places you want to see in Vienna but also about the culture, the lifestyle and the habits of the Viennese. The Marriage Circle is a comedy about Vienna’s high society as represented from the perspective of the director Ernst Lubitsch (a Berliner).

Wien is one of the most spectacular capitals in Europe, and you should try everything you can to visit this beautiful city. It is a place where the streets never look boring, and you can spend a whole day falling in love with the architecture of the buildings, the pleasant welcome of the people and the lovely atmosphere of the city. So before you go and be the main star of your movie that is taking place in Vienna, take a day or two and do a marathon of these movies and explore the charm of the city of music.


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