Even though working can be fun and challenging, it is often exhausting, and it gets hard to handle after some period. That`s why when people get older they wait impatiently for their retirement.

The process of retirement is not just changing your status from employed to retired. It`s more than that! It is changing your lifestyle, your plans for the future, your priorities, even your mindset. People that are retired are often the ones that have already created a family, a tiny circle of close relatives and a huge circle of friends. But something about staying in a busy, crowded city, where people are rushing to work, even though you`re not doing that anymore, can be kind of tiring and anxious. Plus, it can quickly make you feel nostalgic for the previous activities and habits you have had.

The best places in the USA to retire

It`s normal for a person that retires to want a calm life, away from the traffic and the city`s madness. That is why, while you`re getting closer to retirement, you should think about the best place to move to after you retire and plan it all out. It should be a calm and nice place, where you will be able to do whatever you have wanted to do during your free time. But remember, it should also be close or easily accessible by your relatives and friends. You don`t want to spend that period of your life cut off from everyone you know and love. Plus, now that you`re retired you will refuse to waste a lot of money for everyday costs.

Check out the list of best places in the USA to retire:

Blacksburg, Virginia

Although it may be considered more of a student city, as the Virginia Tech Campus is located here, it is a nice place for living, especially for people facing retirement. Air quality is above the average, and there is a big choice of doctors in town. It characterizes with a mild climate and a low crime rate.

The Main Street of Blacksburg, Virginia

Photo: Wikimedia

Cape Coral, Florida

On the Gulf of Mexico, Cape Coral is a big but nice city, ideal for retired people. The cost of living is known to be even 4% below national average. The weather is good, and the serious crime rate is low. It is a good place for living, especially because it will make you feel like you are on a long vacation, having the chance to relax at the beach whenever you feel like it.

Marina Resort in Cape Coral, Florida

Lexington, Kentucky

This big city is also known as the “Horse Capital of the World.” It is a city with a lot of green areas, making it friendly for the people that prefer outdoor walks and activities. The cost of living is 5% below the U.S. average, also providing a good tax environment. The climate is moderate, and it has a low, serious crime rate.

Dusk in Lexington, Kentucky

Port Charlotte, Florida

Already this is the second place located in Florida on this list; Port Charlotte is an unincorporated community which provides perfect conditions for life of retired people. The cost of living is 8% below the national average, and the crime rate is low. The weather is good, but the walkability rank is low. However, this is a nice place with stunning views that will make you feel like you`re on a lifetime vacation.

Port Charlotte, Florida

St. George, Utah

St. George is a destination easy to get to, as it is 190 km northeast of Las Vegas, Nevada. It can offer many miles of trails for biking and hiking, plus it is only a few miles away from Zion National Park. The prices are quite affordable even for retired people. The population is mixed, consisting of 32% of the population being over 50.

Town Square in St. George, Utah

Franklin, Tennessee

This friendly city has a heartwarming and welcoming spirit and is only 20 miles south of Nashville. It is a relatively affordable place to live, having no state income tax and overall, having the sixth-lowest tax rate in the nation. The walkability rate is low; however, the city rarely suffers any crime incidents. It is a beautiful place to live in, offering a lot of free time activities and polite people.

Downtown Franklin, Tennessee

Photo: Wikimedia

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Charming and peaceful nature is waiting for you to settle in the most famous municipality of El Paso County, Colorado. Living in Colorado Springs will give you plenty of opportunities to enjoy your free time and reconnect with the beauties of nature. The cost of living is at the national average, and so is the tax climate. The great thing about Colorado Springs is that it has a robust health care system. It is noted that the state enjoys above-average health care, helping the people, especially the ones that have already retired, to manage their state of well-being.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Tucson, Arizona

An affordable big city with a bit of a Latin flavor, Tucson is perfect for a beautiful life in the town with a chance for an outdoor getaway. Being surrounded by five mountain ranges, exotic deserts, and some ski areas, this city offers outdoor activities of many kinds. The climate is great, and the cost of living is 9% below national average. The healthcare system is also on a high level, however, take care of yourself during summer – it can be kind of HOT!

View of downtown Tucson, Arizona

Planning and deciding where to settle down after the retirement can put a lot of pressure on you, so make sure to discuss it with others and don`t let the decision fall just on you. If you are going away with your partner, don`t forget to speak honestly about your desires and plans, because you should choose a place you will both like and will easily adapt. Think about your dream destination and your dream house, if you haven`t established it yet. Better yet, dare to be adventurous and travel the world to find your new home. There are plenty of possibilities waiting on you; you just have to take the courage and try.


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