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Tiana Grosheva is a passionate traveler, searching for ways to visit the destinations on her never-ending bucket list. She explores and shares her experiences by writing about her adventures, hoping to encourage the true spirit of wanderlust within each person.

Hop on a bicycle to feel the heartbeat of the Netherlands

If someone ever tells you to think of the top 5 countries where bikes are mostly used in everyday life of people, then you...
dinner in the sky

The greatest destinations to enjoy a lovely dinner in the sky

You enjoy a fancy dinner in the city, but the restaurants you usually visit don’t make you happy and excited about eating outside anymore?...

Be prepared to be amazed by Slovenia’s astonishing natural wonders

It is often said that we should search for beauty in the small things. Well, if we follow this suggestion we might encounter fascinating...
Places in Canada where nudity is welcome

Places in Canada where you’re welcome to recreate without clothes

Have you got tired of thinking what to wear every day? Don’t you just want to spend the day without any clothes on and...